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Embedded Graphic TFT displays with OS




EA uniTFTs displays








 Register for Embedded 2021 DIGITAL  - A virtual Exhibition


EA uniTFT050-ATC, EA uniTFT070-ATC, EA uniTFT101-ATC  graphic TFT displays from

Register for Embedded world DIGITAL 1-5 March 2021.

  • Broadcast is done directly from the Electronic Assembly showroom.
  • Speak directly to a sales or development engineers by phone or "video call".

Step 1: register

Register with our free voucher code ew21456801_4

Highlight voucher code and Ctrl-C to copy. Then click on picture below and to register.

Register for Embedded world - DIGITAL

Step 2: Onboarding

Next you receive information from Embedded World about various topics and lectures.

Step 3: The virtual show 1-5 March 2021

On 1 -5 March visit the showroom and browse through the new display innovations. Talk to sales or development engineers by phone or direct video call and see the displays functioning.

Trade fair offer: EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA

During Embedded World 2021 demo board EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA is on special offer £63 excl. VAT. The demopack includes 2.8” high brightness IPS TFT smart display EA uniTFTs028-ATC with temperature, humidity and air indoor quality sensor. Plug demo board into a USB port and the application is ready to run. See datasheet.



Picture of the Electronic Assembly stand


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