New High Accuracy digital temperature sensor SMT-172
The SMT172 Smartec digital temperature sensors are accurate to 0.1C from -10C to 100C. Max temperature range from -45C to 130C. The sensor is a three terminal device with PWM output. Voltage range between 2.7V to 5.5V. Only one digital pin required (single-wire) to interface to any micro controller.


Digital Temperature sensor interface SMT-AS04USBmini
These small evaluation boards can be connected directly to a computer via the USB interface. The sensors are powered directly from the USB port, no external power supply is required to power the sensors. Up to 4 SMT172 temperature sensors can be simultaneously monitored. Free Smart temperature logging software is available.


Digital Temperature sensor interface SMT-AS08USBmini
The SMTSA08USBmini temperature acquisition board is specially developed for engineers who need to monitor accurately multiple temperatures. Connect up to 8 Smartec SMT172 digital temperature sensors. Free temperature logging software.



New,  Infra-Red Thermometer module SMT-MOD09xxx
These IR thermometer modules output the non contact radiated temperature and the sensor temperature via a simple IC interface. Available with USB interface adapter option. 3V or 5V supply. 0 to 50 C and 0 to 300 C model. Field of view 14 to 120 depending on application. See Datasheet 


Infrared non-contact temperature sensor  SMT-IR9901/02
The Smartec infrared sensors are sophisticated full silicon thermopile sensors. The sensors are particular suited for non-contact  measurement of surface temperature by monitoring heat radiated from the surface. These sensors output a non linear mV voltage.  Low cost. Fast response time. For development purposes Smartec has available a development board for thermopile sensors and a calibrated module with I²C interface. 



New,  Pressure  sensors  SMT-SPD
We have a large selectio of cost effective analogue and digital Smartec pressure sensors. Absolute, gauge and differential type. We have a sensor for every application. Low or high pressure. Lo or high production volume. Temperature and offset compensated. DIL or surface mount package.  Applications include medical, barometric, consumer goods, automotive and LPG gas sensing . 



New, Humidity sensors   SMTHS07, SMTHS07C, SMT HS08A
The Smartec humidity sensor, unlike others, measures RH from 0 to 100% without any reduction in performance. Its construction means that it is not affected by temperature or pressure. The sensor is a two terminal capacitor, which increases in value as water molecules are absorbed into its active polymer dielectric.  High accuracy. Linear from 0 100% RH. Reliable construction & long-term stability. 



Universal Sensor Interface  SMT-UTI
The UTI is a smart sensor  interface with digital output for analogue resistive and capacitive sensing applications. High accuracy and stability due to continues automatic calibration.  Applications include temperature measurements Pt100, Pt1000, thermistors, pressure measurement, strain gauges, capacitive measurements 0pF to 300pF,  resistive bridges and potentiometers, ink level detection and seat occupancy. Ideal for use in micro controller systems. No AD converter required.  Measurement of multiple capacitive sensors. 2/3/4 wire measurements. +3V or +5V Supply.



Universal Sensor Interface Evaluation board     SMT-UTIPCB
The easiest way to test the UTI with your sensor is by using the Smartec UTI development kit. Simply connect the sensor to the UTI evaluation board and connect the RS-232 serial port to the computer. All 16 modes can be adjusted with the free test software. Immediately read the sensor measurement on the computer. Labview program and PIC source code included.



New, UFDC Universal Frequency to Digital Converter  UFDC-1
The UFDC-1 is a 2 channel high precision multifuntion frequency-time converter with serial, SPI and I2C interface. The UFDC-1 can measure frequency, rotation speed, rpm, pulse width, pulse count, period, time interval between start/stop pulse and duty cycles. Ideal for frequency output sensors that have to be measured with the highest possible resolution. Frequency range 0.05 Hz to 7.5Mhz and 120Mhz with pre scaling.  See also UFDC-1M-16 for faster conversion speeds.



New, UFDC Evaluation board Frequency, pulse, rpm  EVAL-UFDC-1
This evaluation board is based on the UFDC frequency to digital converter. This simple evaluation board allows users to measure 16 frequency time parameter measuring modes. Measure TTL-compatible signals without the need for external components. Measure frequency, rotation speed, rpm, pulse width, pulse count, period, time interval and duty cycles. Programmable accuracy from 1% to 0.001%. Ideal for laboratories and education test measurements.



New, USTI Universal Sensor Transducer Interface   USTI
The USTI is a 2 channel high precision multifunction frequency-time converter. In addition the USTI offers interface for analogue resistive (including platinum resistors and thermistors), resistive bridges and capacitive measurements 50pF to 100uF. Serial, SPI and I2C interface. Frequency range 0.05 Hz to 9 Mhz and 144Mhz with pre scaling.



New, USTI-EXT Universal Sensor Transducer Interface  USTI-EXT
The USTI-EXT is similar to the USTI but with improved conversion speed, faster baud rate and extended temperature range - 55 °C to + 150 °C. Applications include automotive, avionics, space and military. In all
such applications, high metrological performances, reliability, robustness and high speed of measurement will be achieved. This means the USTI-EXT can be used directly in or near gearboxes, transfer cases, engines, turbochargers and exhaust systems. The ICs can be used for various quasi-digital vehicle's sensors such as wheel speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, turbine speed sensors, pressure sensors, fuel level sensors, mass air flow sensor, torque sensor, etc.



Lots more
Check out our low cost control board and operator interface section aimed at instrumentation and automation applications.

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