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Large range of RS232 displays with optional touch















 New eDIP Intelligent Graphic LCD Display with Touch  


EA eDIP Intelligent graphic displays from

 Intelligent graphic displays with touch-screen option.

  • Create within minutes layouts with any font, static or animated graphics.  
  • No "pixel programming" but, fast and efficient operation with easy command set. 
  • Free Windows™ LCD simulator and development software. There are  more then 112 graphic routines such as drawing lines, boxes, creating pull-down-menus, showing bitmaps, bar graphs, view rotation and font zoom.  
  • The colour EA eDIPTFT displays allow import of animated gif and jpeg pictures.   
  • The intelligent displays can be controlled with a low cost micro controller, embedded system, PLC or PC via I2C, SPI, 5V serial, RS232, RS485 or USB interface. 
  • These intelligent displays (smart displays) offer a simple development experience and cost saving due to reduced hardware and design cycle. Imagine using a standard TFT display immediately extra cost for mounting option, interface connectors, display memory, micro-processor, interface logic, touch-screen, touch-screen controller with connector, voltage management and extra PCB. When the hardware is working the software and testing cyle starts. The advantages are clear when using our EA eDIP displays you can have the display up and running within minutes from opening the box.

The advantages are obvious:  

  • No time consuming graphic programming
  • Free Windows™ LCD simulator and development software
  • No expensive software licenses required
  • Easy to learn commands
  • Commands are easy implemented into the controlling micro-processor
  • Fast development, drastically reduced time-to-market
  • Touch-screen controlled over the standard display interface
  • Minimal electronics required to control the display
  • Variety of serial interface, All displays have serial, I˛C and SPI
  • Communication boards with USB, RS-232 or RS-485 interface
  • Only single supply required (+3.3V or +5V check datasheet)
  • Option to use DIP connector into PCB header or a ZIF connector
  • Stylish black alum. bezel and mounting system available
  • Available with analogue resistive touch screen (order option -TP)
  • or capacitive touch screen (PCAP) (order option -TC)
  • New EA eDIPTFT43-ATC and EA eDIPTFT70-ATC with capacitive touch-screen
  • New EA eDIPTFT57 (5.7") & EA eDIPTFT70A (7.0") with sound
  • The 5.7" and 7.0" includes a 1W sound amplifier into an 8 ohm speaker
  • Long term availability,  recommended for industrial or medical products
  • Clear price advantage compared to individualized solutions
  • Starter kits available with USB interface + Touch-screen and CDROM

Display sizes

LCD Size
Module Size
View area
Datasheet & Comment
EA eDIP128-6 2.8" 72 x 55 x 12 mm 35 x 63.5 mm EA eDIP128-6.pdf
EA eDIP160-7 3.3" 82 x 68 x 12 mm 45 x 72 mm EA eDIP160-7.pdf
EA eDIPTFT32-A 3.2" Colour 82 x 61 x 12 mm 68 x 52 mm EA eDIPTFT32.pdf 
EA eDIP240-7
113 x 70 x 11mm
96 x 61 mm
4.3" Colour
107 x 71 x 12 mm
99 x 58 mm EA eDIPTFT43.pdf
EA eDIP320-8
138 x 105 x 10 mm
121 x 93 mm
EA eDIPTFT57-A 5.7" Colour 146 x 107 x 14 mm 117 x 88 mm EA eDIPTFT57.pdf + sound
7.0" Colour
170 x 112 x 14 mm
155 x 94 mm

Download the FREE development software now and experience how easy it is to create perfect looking screen layouts and write macro programs for the EA intelligent displays.

  • Convert BMP, JPEG, GIF and animated GIF
  • Import any Windows fonts
  • Create screen layouts and macro functions
  • Create pointing or needle instruments
  • Download data to display flash memory
  • Full LCD simulation for EA eDIP240
  • Free Windows™ eDIP LCD development software v4.8  

Quick start development kit: 

EA EVALedip development kit


The EA EVAL-eDIP development kits contain everything required for fast and easy development with the eDIP intelligent displays:
  • eDIP display with touch screen  
  • USB communication board & programmer
  • Serial, RS-232, RS-484, I2C and SPI communication
  • CDrom with editor, compiler, help and demo code
  • Cable and data sheets 

Download datasheet for evaluation board EVALeDIP128-TFT43

Download datasheet for evaluation board EVALeDIP320-TFT70

  • £ call __ EA START-eDIP240
  • EA EVALeDIPTFT57            

Intelligent Graphic LCD display with built-in character sets
The eDIP displays are pre-loaded with 7 built-in fonts in different sizes (see picture). Each character set can be enlarged 4 times their original size.  A simple command rotates text by 90° for landscape or portrait presentation.  New fonts can be added to the LCD display at any time with the free LCD development and simulator tools. Any Windows™ font already in the Windows font folder can be imported to the display. New character sets such as Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese easy included. 

Screenshot of EA eDIP-TFT43A intelligent colour display

Rotating or Needle Instrument commands

The EA eDIPTFT32-A, EA eDIPTFT43-A, EA eDIPTFT57-A and EA eDIPTFT70-A displays have commands to design rotary (gauge) or needle pointing instruments. User can adjust picture, colours, text, scale and pointer rotation. Instruments can be linked directly to the analogue port, touch-screen or LCD interface. 

MMSe Analogue Instruments

The EA eDIPTFT57 and EA eDIPTFT70 can draw a virtual keyboard on the display with a simple command Esc K S. When a key is pressed, data is send to the display interface. Keyboard font, button colour, background and borders can be adjusted to match the your design.

MMS-e eDIPTFT70 keyboard

The EA eDIPTFT57 and EA eDIPTFT70 have an amplifier on board the display with connection for an 8 ohm speaker. With simple commands jingle or sounds messages can be played.

MMS-e  ediptft70 piano

Powerful commands speed-up development time 
More then 112 easy to learn commands such as: define touch key area with menu function, clipboard, bar graph, centred strings, copy bitmap, clipboard, zoom, flash, wait, beep, backlight on/off ... allow you to create the screen layout you require. All the commands are based on coordinate specifications and can therefore be applied and moved to the nearest pixel of the LCD display. There is a built-in LCD self-test facility for initial testing and demonstration purpose. To access simply set the "Test" pin to low.

These innovative display have an extremely space-saving design to maximizes the display viewing area. These displays have no PCB overhang or contact pads for connectors or cables. The DIP or ZIF connector located at the back of the display. 

These intelligent LCD display is simply inserted into a socket or soldered to the PCB. No screws, spacers or cables are required, all saving time and money.  2 metal clips are available to secure the display in place to the PCB or bezel.  

The integrated graphics and touch controller (order with option-TP),  built-in temperature compensation and integrated negative supply also help to reduce the PCB size and cost.  

LCD serial communication ports ( RS-232, RS-485, USB, I˛C, SPI )
The intelligent eDIP displays have serial, I2C and SPI interface on the display. This allows direct connection to your micro-controller. For direct connection of the display to USB, RS232 or RS485 equipment a level converter is required. We supply serial to USB, serial to RS232 or RS485 level converters. The EVAL-eDIP development kit includes adapters for USB, RS-232 and RS-485.  

For the EA eDIP240 and EA eDIPTFT43 we have a serial or USB interface board with socket to fit the display. This option offers integration and mounting in the end product.

EA 9777-1USB, EA 9777-RS232 or EA 9777-RS485 for eDIP240-7 and eDIP-TFT43A

EA 9778-1USB, EA 9778-RS232 or EA 9778-RS485 for eDIP320-8

EA 9777-1USB Easy mounting of eDIP240 and eDIPTFT43

State-of-the-art display technology
Only top-quality materials are used. As a result, this display is very easy to read and offers a high level contrast. With an extended standard temperature range of -20..+70 °C, rapid response times are guaranteed down to -20 °C (max. 3 seconds). The essential temperature compensation is built-in. Operates from a single 3V or +5V supply. (Check datsheet)

LCD display with integrated touch-screen
The display can be supplied with or without analogue touch panel.  The onboard touch-screen driver is responsible for interpretation of the touch area.  What is more, the variable grid, shape and size and number of the keys can be modified freely. Touch-screen driver is controlled over the same display interface.  

The EA eDIPTFT43-ATC and EA eDIPTFT70-ATC is available with resistive or capacitive touch-screen (PCAP). The capacitive version is brighter and offers higher contrast.




Screen shot of the intelligent  LCD display simulator and development program.



  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Industrial machinery Interface
  • Serial terminal
  • Advertising system
  • EPOS 
  • Restaurant ordering systems
  • Gaming box
  • Security systems
  • Safety control equipment
  • R&D Test units
  • Climatizing units
  • PLC Interface
  • Simulators
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Lab development
  • Student projects
  • Home automation
  • PC external display
  • HMI operator interface
  • Vending machines
  • Instrumentation



Download PDF-File

EA eDIP240-7 datasheet    240x128

EA eDIP320-8 datasheet    320x240

EA eDIPTFT32A datasheet  320x240

EA eDIPTFT43A datasheet  480x272

EA eDIPTFT70A datasheet  800x480

EA START eDIP240-7 / 9777 datasheet

EA EVAL eDIP128-TFT43 datasheet
EA EVAL eDIP320-TFT70 datasheet
USB Drivers eDIP240/eDIP320e/DIPTFT43 

Windows ™ LCD simulator program (zip) 

Part numbers & Prices


USB development kit


Blue/Whi, LED, Backl 240x128 pixel


Blue/Whi, LED Touch  240x128 pixel


Whi/Blk, LED, Backl 240x128 pixel


Whi/Blk, LED,  Touch 240x128 pixel


USB development kit 320x240 pixel


Blue/Whi, LED, Backl 320x240 pixel


Blue/Whi, LED Touch  320x240 pixel


Amber/Blk, LED, Backl 320x240 pixel


Amber/Blk, LED Touch  320x240 pixel


Whi/Blk, LED, Backl 320x240 pixel


Whi/Blk, LED,  Touch 320x240 pixel


USB development kit Colour 480x272 pixel 


Colour, LED, Backlight 480x272 pixel


Colour, LED Backl,Touch  480x272 pixel

EA 9777-1USB

EA 9877-1USB

USB Communication board  

EA 9777-RS232

EA 9877-RS232

RS232 Communication board  

EA 9777-RS485

EA 9877-RS485

RS485 Communication board  

EA 9777-PCB

EA 9877-PCB

Blank PCB or mounting  board


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