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 New uniTFT Multifunction Graphic TFT Display with Touch  


EA eDIP Intelligent graphic displays from

The multifunction EA uniTFT050 display was introduces at the Electronica 2016. The EA uniTFT050 is designed and manufactured by Electronic Assembly, the same company that designed the EA eDIP intelligent display series. The company offers reliable, high quality and long term availability products. Making these displays ideal for industrial and medical applications.

5" multifunction TFT displays with programmable I/O.

  • 5" Multifuntion / Intelligent TFT display, 24 bit, 800x480 resolution.
  • Integrated touch-screen driver for resistive or PCAP touch-screen.
  • uniTFTSKETCH editor with drag and drop function.
  • Graphic commands for elegant effects such as fading in and out.
  • Conditional and calculating functions.
  • Text files for trouble free multilingual function.
  • Loss free rotation and zoom of objects, pictures and text. 
  • Turn EA uniTFT050 into a powerful HMI and process controller.
  • Extensive commands for analogue instrument design.

  • 7 interfaces: USB, 2 x I2C, 2 x SPI and 2 serial RS232 ports.
  • Host or slave operation.
  • 16 I/O ( expandable up to 125) to take on a wide range of control tasks.
  • 4 Analogue inputs and 1 PWM / Pulse output.
  • Analogue video camera input with auto detect PAL, Secam and NTSC.
  • 1W sound amplifier into an 8 ohm speaker.
  • Secure data communication protocol.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • Micro SD card (upto 32GB).
  • Single 3.3V Suppl.
  • High brightness 700 cd/m2 (700 nit) without touch.
  • Micromatch connectors conect to PCB or an IDC cable.
  • Robust and simple mounting option with 4 studs.

Take control with the new uniTFTSKETCH editor:  

  • Free Windows™ uniSKETCH editor with drag and drop function.
  • Easy to follow commands without need to learn new OS or Linux.
  • uniTFTSKETCH editor with simulator.
  • Each item on the screen is an object.
  • All objects can be placed moved or deleted.
  • Object attributes can be edited at any time.
  • Style sheets for objects, lines, text, buttons and drawings.
  • Quickly create new screen layouts and control functions.  
  • Available with analogue resistive touch screen (order option -TP).
  • or PCAP capacitive touch screen (order option -TC).
  • Long term availability, recommended for industrial or medical products.
  • Clear price advantage compared to individualized solutions.

Augmented Reality App

Install the uniTFTAR APP on your smart phone and see the EA uniTFT050 HMI in action. The App shows a humorous short film, an interactive 3D model and many features are explained.

iOS App Stor

Display sizes

LCD Size
Module Size
View area
Datasheet & Comment
EA uniTFT050-A 5.0" (12.7cm) 124 x 78.5 mm 111.8 x 68.8 mm EA uniTFT050-ae.pdf
EA uniTFT050-ATC 5.0" 124 x 78.5 mm 111.8 x 68.8 mm EA uniTFT050-ae.pdf
EA uniTFT050-ATP 5.0 124 x 78.5 mm 111.8 x 68.8 mm EA uniTFT050-ae.pdf 
Other display sizes
in development
Download now arrow  

Download the FREE uniSKETCH software now and experience how easy it is to create perfect looking screen layouts and control data or the user interfaces. Change all object properties (position, size, transparency, touch) for the multifunction EA uniTFT050-A displays.

  • Convert BMP, JPEG, GIF and animated GIF
  • Import any Windows fonts
  • Create screen layouts and macro functions
  • Create user interface with drag and drop.
  • Create pointing or needle instruments
  • Download data to display via USB
  • Download data to micro SD card
  • Full LCD simulation for EA uniTFT050

Download now

Quick start development kit: 

Order the EA QUICKSTART development kit and start development with the multifunction EA uniTFT050-ATC.
  • EA uniTFT050-ATC with PCAP touch screen. 
  • USB communication.
  • Mini SDcard.
  • Serial, RS-232, I2C and SPI communication.
  • Free UNISKETCH editor and graphic tool.

Multifuntion Graphic display with built-in fonts

Selected Windows character fonts are stored in the display. Thanks to automatic ASCII and Unicode switching, all systems are supported; Support for Chinese characters included. Easy function for multilingual product design. Fonts can be zoomed and rotated without loss. New fonts can be added to the LCD display at any time with the uniSKETCH editor. Any Windows™ font already in the Windows font folder can be imported to the display.  

Rotating, Gauge and bargraph commands

With the EA uniTFT050 display designing rotary (gauge) or needle pointing instruments is easy. All object properties can be adjusted. Picture, colours, text, scale and pointer rotation. Instruments can be linked directly to the analogue port, touch-screen or LCD interface. 

Display a functional virtual keyboard

The EA uniTFT050 can draw a virtual keyboard on the display with a simple command. Choice of keyboard styles with option for shift, backspace or capslock button. When a key is pressed data is send to the display interface.

State-of-the-art display technology

Only top-quality materials are used. As a result, this display is very easy to read and offers a high level contrast. With standard temperature range of -20..+70 °C rapid response times are guaranteed. Essential temperature compensation is built-in. The EA uniTFT050 is a reliable, high quality display with long term availability. Ideal for industrial and medical applications.





  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Industrial machinery Interface
  • Serial terminal
  • Advertising system
  • EPOS 
  • Security systems
  • Control equipment
  • R&D Test units
  • PLC Interface
  • Simulators
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Lab development
  • Student projects
  • Home automation
  • HMI operator interface
  • Vending machines
  • Coffee maker
  • Instrumentation
  • Machine inspection with camera
  • Museum info screens
  • Meeting room welcome screen
  • Automatic queue system with sound



Download PDF-File

EA uniTFT050-A datasheet   

EA uniTFT050-ATC datasheet 

EA uniTFT050-ATP datasheet

USB Drivers for EA uniTFT050-A 

Windows ™ uniTFT editor (zip) 

Part numbers


Development kit

EA uniTFT050-A

Without touch-screen

EA uniTFT050-ATC

PCAP touch-screen

EA uniTFT050-ATP Analogue resistive touch

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