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Contact less temperature measurement.

          New : Infra-red sensor module with I2C  SMT IRMOD09 -             


  New Infra red thermometer module I2C

The SMTIRMOD09 thermometer module output the non contact radiated temperature and also the sensor body temperature via a simple IČC interface.  

We also supply a  I2C to USB adapter available for direct connection to a computer. Part number SMT AS02I2C3 (3V) and SMT AS02IC5 for the 5V version.

 Using the SMT IRMOD09 is very easy to use. A 3V and 5V supply,  0 to 50 °C and 0 to 300 °C version and different field of view 14 to 120 ° are available.  See Datasheet for full details.

MMS-e Picture SMT IRMOD09  I2C Infra-red temperature module


SMT IR9901 / SMT IR9902 Sensor only

• The Smartec infrared sensor SMTIR9901 and SMTIR9902 are also available as sensors only. These are sophisticated full silicon infrared sensors and comprise of so called thermopiles. Thermopiles are based on the Seebeck effect, which is a long time standard for conventional thermocouples. The application of thin film technology allows the production of miniaturized and low cost sensor elements.

• The sensors can be used in measuring the radiation temperature without any contact.

• For different radiation temperature ranges various filters are available.

• The sensor type SMTIR9902 and SMTIR9902SIL contains a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the sensor itself.

• The temperature range for the sensor-element is between -40 to 100 °C.

New Infrared interface board with USB

SMT IRIN06 Infra-red development board

 The fastest way to develop with the infra-red measuring world is with the new developed SMT IRIN06 interface board. Specially designed for infrared thermopile sensors such as the  SMTIR9902. The use of this new interface board will  significantly reduce development time for infra-red contact less temperature measurements.  The development board uses the Smartec digital sensor SMT160-30 to calibrate or verify the infrared sensor temperature measurement.  Measuring the resistance of the SMTIR9902 built-in Ni1000 sensor is also possible with this development board.  The software is pre-set  for a  temperature curve of the Ni1000. Should a different infrared sensor be used then curves for other type of thermistors can  be downloaded. RS232 and USB interface is available for connection to a computer and display the sensor temperature data.   

Typical applications
• Contact less measurement of surface temperatures.
• Measurement of Infrared radiation.
• Temp. measurement on moving objects.
• Temp. control of industrial sites.
• Thermal alarm systems.
• Climate control.
• Medical instruments.
• Home appliances.


Available versions

I2C thermometer modules

• SMT IRMOD09 micro: 3V version

• SMT IRMOD09 std: 4 to 16V version

• SMT IRMOD09 sil: 4 to 16V version

Thermopile sensor only 

• SMT IR9901: Standard TO-05 encapsulation with a 5.5 micrometer high pass filter.

• SMT IR9902 : contains a Ni1000 thermistor  to measure the temperature of the sensor..

• SMT IR9902SIL has  a silicon lens for measuring radiation temperatures within a small angle of view (7.27°).

Thermopile sensor development board

• SMT IRIN061: Development board.

New SMTIR06 infra-red interface.

MMS-e Thermopile development board SMT IRIN06


Datasheet SMTIRMOD09

Datasheet SMTIR9901/2

Datasheet SMTIR9902SIL

Manual  SMTIR06 board 

Part numbers & Price Ł

SMT IR9901 Ł11.47 (1-24), Ł9.17 (25+) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing sensor

SMT IR9902 Ł12.21(1-24), Ł9.76 (25+) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing sensor

SMT IR9902SIL Ł15.21(1-24), Ł12.76 (25+) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing sensor 7.27°

SMT IRMOD09micro Ł24.07 (Qte 1-10) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing I2C module

SMT IRMOD09std Ł29.12(1-10) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing I2C module

SMT IRMOD09sil Ł 32.34(1-10) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing I2C module

SMT AS02I2C3 Ł30.38 (1-10) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing I2C to USB 

SMT AS02I2C5 Ł 30.38(1-10) Call MMS-e for OEM pricing I2C to USB

SMT IR06 board Ł130.00 (Qte 1) Thermopile development board Development 

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