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SPD005G, 015G, 030G, 100G, SPD100GD, SPD015A

SPD002GAsil,  SPD002AAsil, SPD102DAHyb

Gauge / absolute / differential / analogue or digital output.


The range of  Smartec pressure sensors  are silicon based. Available as gauge, absolute, differential, amplified analogue or digital output. Start your sensor search here. Download sensor overview page here (pdf).

SPD300ABTO5: This 20 Bar absolute analogue output pressure sensor is specially designed for measurement in explosive environments like liquefied gas like LPG and GPL. Applications are water supply systems, measurement of  LPG/GPL gasses and EPRO environments.   Sensor datasheet.

MMS-e Pressure sensor SPD300ABto5 Smartec

SPD002GAsil , SPD002AAsil: This Smartec pressure sensor is specially designed for low pressure measurement. This sensor has a calibrated  analogue output and compensated for offset and temperature drift.  Voltage range 2.7v to 5.5v. Pressure range between 0.3 to 2 PSI. ( Higher pressure ranges up to 100 PSI available on request . ) Datasheet.

MMS-e Pressure sensor SPD002GAsil Smartec

SPD102DAHyll: This differential pressure sensor has an amplified analogue output. The sensor is compensated for offset, temperature drift and linearity. The sensors are available in Gauge, Absolute and Differential type. Pressure range typical 102mmH2O. (Other  pressure ranges available on request). Sensor datasheet.

MMS-e Pressure sensor SPD102DAhyb Smartec

SPD015GA:  This Smartec pressure sensor has an amplified analogue output. The analogue output is ratio metric to the applied supply voltage. This sensor is temperature and offset compensated. Easy design-in type pressure sensor.  Pressure range between 15 PSI. (Other pressure ranges up from 5 to 100 PSI available on request)  Applications are HVAC, Medical or consumer goods. Sensor datasheet.

MMS-e Pressure sensor SPD015GA Smartec


SPD005G, SPD0015G, SPD0030G, SPD100G and SPD015A:  These Smartec pressure sensors are available from 0 100 PSI. Absolute or Gauge type. The gauge type contains a reference vacuum chamber on the die and is available in 6 pin DIL package.  The absolute sensors is surface mount  SMD package. These sensors are not temperature compensated. Low cost. Sensor datasheet.

Pressure sensor SPD005G, 15G, 30G, 100G

  SPD100GD:  Digital Smartec pressure sensor 14 bit resolution. The sensor is compensated for offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and non-linearity. The sensor is available in Gauge and Absolute type. Easy interface to digital systems. Pressure range 0 to 100 PSI. Datasheet

MMS-e Digital output pressure sensor SPD100GD Smartec

SPD015GBHyb:  This very small SO8 analogue pressure sensor is ideal for high volume applications.  Two packages are available. The package with just a hole is ideal for barometric pressure measurement or measurement in sealed enclosures. The second package has a  cap for 1/8" tube. Applications: barometers, medical, white goods, consumer, process control. Datasheet.

MMS-e Small Pressure sensor SPD015GBHyb Smartec

Pressure sensor interface:  For high accurate measurement of the analogue   pressure sensors we recommend using the Smartec Universal Transducer Interface (UTI). The UTI offers a very easy and  accurate interface to a digital signal. See UTI pages for applications and development board.

MMS-e Smartec UTI sensor interface
Typical applications
Medical applications.
Blood pressure.
Portable gauges.
Process control.
HVAC controls
Climate control.
Low pressure measurements..
LPG/GPL gasses
Digital pressure sensing

Download PDF-File

All pressure sensors Overview  

Sensor Datasheet  SPD01 series

Sensor Datasheet  SPD015A small

Sensor Datasheet  SPD100GD digital

Sensor Datasheet  SPD002GAsil

Sensor Datasheet  SPD102DAhyb

Sensor Datasheet  SPD300ABto5

Sensor Datasheet  SPD015GBhyb

Sensor Datasheet  SPD015GA

Sensor Datasheet  SPD015AAsil

Part numbers & Price

SPD 005 G  0 - 0.35 Bar (gauge) 4.59 (1-24),  3.44 (25-99)

SPD 015 G  0 - 1.0 Bar (gauge) 4.59 (1-24),  3.44 (25-99)

SPD 030 G  0 - 2.0 Bar (gauge) 4.59 (1-24),  3.44 (25-99)

SPD 100 G  0 - 6.5 Bar (gauge) 4.59 (1-24),  3.44 (25-99)

SPD 015 A  0 - 1.0 Bar Absolute 4.59 (1-24),  3.44 (25-99)

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