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Angst+Pfister AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland, a leading supplier of mechanical and electronic components for industrial and medical OEM markets, announces the acquisition of the temperature and pressure sensor business of Smartec BV. After 35 years in sensor technology Smartec’s owner and CEO Rolf de Boer, decided to take his well-deserved retirement and sold the business to Angst+Pfister. Smartec BV successfully supplied MMS Electronics Ltd over the last 25 years with digital temperature sensors, humidity and pressure sensors. MMS Electronics is looking forward to working with Angst+Pfister AG and continuing the UK distribution of Smartec sensors products. The flagship sensor of Smartec is the SMT172 an ultra-low power, fully calibrated, high accuracy digital temperature sensor. Using the most recent advances in silicon temperature sensing the SMT172  has an absolute inaccuracy of less than 0.25ºC in the range of -10 ºC to 100 ºC with full temperature range of -45ºC to 130ºC. 

link to SMT172 temperature sensors and datasheet.



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