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MMS Electronics has a very small IPS TFT colour display available. With just 0.96 inches diagonal, the EA TFT009-81AINN LCD colour display is perfect for use in handheld devices. The high brightness and the wide viewing angle stability of the IPS panel guarantee excellent readability, even under poor light conditions. The display measures 27.9x13.5 mm (0.96") with 80 by 160 pixels. A small but high-resolution graphic displays for colour or black and white designs. The powerful LED backlight gives the display a brightness of up to 500 cd/m². As a result, the display is readability in direct sunlight or under dazzling operating lights. With IPS (In-panel-switching) and AACT (All-angle-colour) technology the colour and contrast remain stable even at very oblique viewing angles. With these small dimensions the display is particularly suitable for use in wearables, measuring probes, sensor products and handheld electronic devices.

The onboard graphics controller ST7735S offers three or four wire SPI. Soon the display EA TFT009-81AITC with a capacitive PCAP touch panel will also be available. The touch-panel coordinates are read from the I²C interface.

These IPS TFT graphic displays from Electronic Assembly / Display Visions have long term product availability and highly recommended for use in new designs. To speed up the design Arduino sample code for the EA TFT009-81AINN is available.

Main Features

  • 0.96” Low-power TFT, 160x80 pixels
  • Wide viewing angle all around (IPS)
  • Portrait or landscape mode
  • 500cd/m²
  • 3.3 V Single supply
  • Temperature range -20..+70°C
  • Onboard controller ST7735S
  • 4-wire and 3-wire SPI
  • 27.95x13.5 mm outline dimension

link to EA TFT displays datasheets and web shop.

MMS Electronics Ltd has a series of high brightness IPS TFT displays available from Electronic Assembly / Display Visions. The graphic TFT displays with IPS technology offer stable contrast and all-round viewing angles of more than 170° usually only found in OLED displays. The IPS (In-plane-switching) TFT displays have a maximum brightness of 1,000 cd/m² and can be viewed in direct sunlight. As a result, these screens are ideal for use in outdoor equipment and in medical instruments that require optimum visibility. When using the SPI interface, the smaller displays are compatible with standard microcontrollers and can replace older displays without issues. Alternatively, the displays can also be controlled via a classic RGB interface, or an 8-bit or 16-bit data bus.

MMS Electronics has the IPS TFT displays available in the following sizes: 0.96", 2.0", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0" and 10.1". The displays are available without or with a capacitive, multi-gesture PCAP touch panel.

These IPS TFT graphic displays have long term product availability and highly recommended for use in new designs.

EA TFT090-81AINN  0.96  80x160  pixel

EA TFT020‑23AINN  2.0"  320x240 pixel

EA TFT028‑23AINN  2.8"  320x240 pixel

EA TFT035‑34AINN  3.5"  480x320 pixel

EA TFT043‑42BITC  4.3"  480x272 pixel

link to EA TFT displays datasheets and web shop.

Designing a product with a colour TFT display and touch-screen does not have to be complex. To show how powerful and easy to use the new EA uniTFTs display series are MMS Electronics has various demopacks available. The EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA includes a 2.8" IPS TFT smart display with PCAP touch P/N: EA uniTFTs028-ATC, a breakout board with the Si7020-A20 temperature and humidity sensor and the CSS811B-JOPD500 as CO2 sensor.

The EA uniTFTs smart displays get projects off to a flying start. With integrated graphics controller, extensive graphics functions, USB, I²C, SPI and serial interfaces. The displays are ready to run without additional peripherals. The EA uniTFT(s) displays use improved IPS-Panels with AACS technology (All Angle Colour Stability). This means contrast and colours are retained even at extreme viewing angles. High brightness typ. 1,000 cd/m² and above, readable in direct sunlight. Optically bonded PCAP touch. The EA uniTFTs displays are available in size 2.0”, 2.8", 3.5" and 4.3".

All EA uniTFTs displays are programmed using the new uniTFTDesigner Windows software tool. The IDE boasts a simple drag-and-drop interface with simulator and numerous ready to run examples. For quick evaluation download the uniTFTDesigner software and try out the examples or EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA.

link to EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA for datasheets and web shop.


MMS Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new, responsive website showcasing the high-quality display and sensor products. The new website feature detailed product information, downloadable datasheets and new photography. The user friendly interface allows fast navigation on all devices, while the product selector and product filters narrow down product selection. Display products can be filtered by technology, module size, screen size and pixels just to name a few. Sensors can be filtered by technology and sensor specification. Products can also be ordered directly from the products page. For production quantity, scheduled orders, specials or out of stock items navigate to the contact page and request a customised quote from MMS Electronics Ltd.





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