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MMS ELectronics Ltd is introducing new compact PLC control units from DISPLAY VISIONS. These innovative controllers are designed to be particularly communicative, with a central control unit that has a colour touchscreen display and can address up to 50 remote satellite displays. This makes these PLCs ideal for a wide range of AV, home and industrial applications, where it is important to be able to visualize process data, enter parameter data, and control the system from multiple locations.

The PLC central control unit, "PLC-Core", is simple to use and displays your measurement and process data on a brilliant 2.8 inch IPS display with a PCAP touch panel to enter control commands and parameters. The PLC-Core is networked with the satellite display units automatically. For this, the PLC-Core has Ethernet capabilities and an RS-485 interface, and it can also communicate wirelessly via WiFi. The measurement values and parameters are updated automatically.

The satellite terminals are not linked to one location; instead this is assigned via software, allowing you to visualise process data, for example, via any of the connected display, or enter parameter data via a different device. Depending on the complexity of the input and output data, users can choose different sizes displays for the satellites. EA PLCS43-DS a 4.3" display will be the first size to be made available, and the product range will soon be expanded to seven display sizes ranging from 2” to 10.1”. All display satelites have a high quality, high brightness IPS display that stand out with excellent readability, even in sunlight, and a wide 160 degrees viewing angle. Wall, flush-mount and top-hat rail mounting options are available.

The PLC-Core EA PLC028-D8I4R4 offers 8 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, 4 analog inputs (0-10V or 4-20mA) and WiFi, RS-485, Ethernet. Including Real-Time-Clock. The supply voltage is 12-24V. The PLC-Core is designed for top-hat rail mounting and can be installed effortlessly in a control cabinet. For programming, the Windows™ free of charge PLCdesigner tool is available. It has a graphic WYSIWYG editor with numerous ready-made elements, ready to put together custom pages. 

If you are looking for a versatile and compact PLC solution, the new PLC control units from DISPLAY VISIONS are the perfect choice.

The new PLC series will be on show 14-16 November at the SPS 2023 exhibition in Nuremberg.

Contact MMS Electronics Ltd to learn more about these innovative controllers, full details will soon be available on the website.  




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