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MMS Electronics has available a new series of COG (Chip-On-Glass) OLED displays (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) designed by Display Visions. OLEDs are self emitting displays that do not require a backlight and are thinner and brighter then LCDs.  OLED displays have very sharp contrast 1:1000 on a true Black background with near 180° viewing angle. The OLED displays are available as standard in Yellow or White. For Blue, Green or Red colours an MOQ applies. The Yellow OLED displays achieve a life time of 80,000 to 100,000 hours depending on the ambient temperature. These OLED displays open the door to new applications including those with low or high operating temperature of -40°C to +80°C.  


  • Very fast response time (Typical 10uSec).
  • No contrast adjustment required.
  • Interface is both SPI and I2C.
  • EA OLEDxxx-LGA standard (no extra cover glass), 2.4mm mm thick.
  • EA OLEDxxx-GGA has an extra scratch, shock and UV protection glass cover, 3.3mm thick.
  • EA OLEDxxx-NGA has no cover glass, very bright for use behind smoked glass, only 1.8mm thick.
  • Available with analogue 4 wire resistive or PCAP touch-screen. 

OLED Display sizes with SPI & I2C and pins

Partnumber Resolution Size Module size Touch-screen Controller
EA OLEDS102-6 102x64 1.7" 39x39 mm None/Resist/PCAP  SSD1306B
EA OLEDM128-6 128x64 2.3" 55x43 mm None/Resist/PCAP  SSD1306
EA OLEDL128-6 128x64 2.9 68x48 mm None/Resist/PCAP SSD1309
EA OLEDM204-A 4x20/2x20 2.0" 61x26 mm   SSD1311


OLED Display sizes with SPI and I2C and flex

Partnumber Resolution Size Module size Controller
EA W064048-XAL 64x48 square  0.66" 18.4x18.1 mm  SSD1306
EA W096016-XAL 96x16  0.84" 28,1x9.2 mm  SSD1306
EA W096016-XBL 96x16  0.84" 28,1x9.2 mm  SSD1306
EA W128128-XRL 128x128 round  1.18" 36.9x41.2 mm   SSD1306
EA W128128-XAL 128x128 square  1.5" 33.8x36.5 mm   SSD1311
EA W128032-XRLG 128x32  2.2" 62.0x24.0 mm   SSD1306
EA W128064-XALG 128x64  2.42" 60.5x37.0 mm   SSD1311
EA W256064-XALG 256x64  3.12" 88.0x27.8 mm   SSD1306
EA W256064-XGLG 256x64  5.5" 146.0x45.0 mm   SSD1311


OLED Intelligent Display with USB, Serial, SPI & I2C

Partnumber Resolution Size Module size Touch-screen Interface
EA PLUGS102-6GT 102x64  1.7" 39x39 mm PCAP  USB, Serial, SPI & I2C
EA PLUGL128-6GT 128x64  2.9" 68x48 mm  PCAP  USB, Serial, SPI & I2C


 Download OLED simulator software

Download the free of charge OLED-Simulator and show the OLED displays on your desktop without any programming. Or order the EA 9781-2USB test board, connect power to the USB port and immediately show information on the display. Simply type text or drag and drop a monochrome picture into the software and the text or picture is displayed on the OLED display. Demonstrate the display to the team without having to write any code. The EA 9781-2USB can demo 10+ different size OLED displays including the mini square and round graphic OLED displays.   

  • Free Windows™ OLED simulator software
  • Drag and drop text and pictures 

link to EA 9781-2USB product and datasheet


 EA OLED versus LCD displays

EA OLED COG displays

  • High contrast > 1:1000 
  • Wide viewing angle >170°
  • Wide temperature range -40°C to +80°C
  • Fast response time 10uS even at low temperature
  • Life time >50k hours (less at max. temperature)
  • Different colours are available from MOQ of 500
  • 3.3V supply and generate a higher voltage for panel drive 
  • Touch-screen available


link to products and datasheet for Alphanumeric OLED displays

link to products and datasheets for Graphic OLED displays

 EA DOG LCD COG displays

  • High contrast but less than the OLED displays
  • Available as STN reflective/transmissive, FSTN pos/neg
  • Temperature range -20°C to +70°C
  • Very low power when LED backlight switched OFF
  • Long life time >100k hours with Red/Green/Amber backlight
  • Many colours and backlights available, no MOQ
  • Single 3.3V or 5V supply (check display datasheet)
  • Touch-screen available


link to products and datasheet for Alphanumeric LCD COG displays

link to products and datasheets for Graphic LCD COG displays 



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