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EA 9781-2USB Demo & test board for the EA OLED displays

EA 9781-2USB Demo & test board for the EA OLED displays

SKU: EA 9781-2USB
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The EA 9781-2USB demo & test board has multiple sockets that fit all OLED displays. Download the free of charge OLED-Simulator and fit an OLED display into the EA 9781-2USB demo board, connect power to the USB and see the display in action. The OLED-simulator can also show the OLED displays on your desktop without any programming. The type text or drag and drop a monochrome picture into the software and the text or picture will be immediately displayed on the OLED display. Demonstrate the display to your team without writing any code. The EA 9781-2USB powers EA OLEDS102-6, EA DOGM128-6, EA OLEDL128-6, EA OLEDM204-A and a further more 10 other size OLED displays with flex, including the mini square and round graphic EA W128128B-XR. Additionally the EA 9781-2USB board has a hotsolder connection for EA W096016-XALW, EA W096016-XBLW and EA W064048-XA.


Download OLED simulator software v2.0 here

Click HERE to download the datasheets for this product.

Total Width 64
Total Height 121
Thickness 15
Status In production
Interface SPI
Operating Temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Controller EA

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