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EA DOG monochrome Chip-On-Glass Displays (COG) are low cost, low current and highly reliable displays that are designed by Display Visions. With the COG displays the driver is mounted directly on the glass resulting in a thin display with very reliable connections sealed from the environment. For easy mounting pins are fixed to the edge of the glass with conductive glue offering a very stable connection to solder directly into the PCB or a 2.54mm pitch connector. The EA DOG series displays and backlights are specially developed for +3.3V  supply voltage. (Note: Supply voltage for the Alphanumeric DOGM081/162/163 displays is +3.3V and +5V). Unlike other displays, this series allows you to select the display technology and the LED backlight colour. Simply clip the display glass and the LED backlight together and create many colour combinations from standard parts. Or create a designer special for you products from an MOQ of one. The glass technology is available in STN yellow/green, STN reflective, STN negative blue, FSTN blue, FSTN positive and FSTN negative with a choice of different backlights in Green, Red, Amber, Blue, White and dual Green/Red, triple Green/Red/White or full colour RGB backlights. 


  • Very fast response time (Typical 10uSec).
  • No contrast adjustment required.
  • Interface option 4/8 bit, SPI and I2C (Check datasheet).
  • Thin display: only 2.0 mm without backlight or 5.8 mm including the LED backlight.
  • Low power (Typical. 250 micro Amp) ideal for battery powered applications such as pagers or key fobs.
  • LED backlight in many colours
  • Character size 12.0 mm, 5.6 mm, 3.6 mm and 2.6mm for Alphanumeric displays
  • Optional analogue 4 wire resistive and PCAP touch-screens. 

How to order? First select the display glass, then the LED backlight colour and a touch-screen if required. See display datasheet for details or install the display simulator, see link and details below.

EA DOG Alphanumeric COG Displays

Partnumber Line x Char Size Module size Interface Controller
EA DOGS104-A 4x10/2x10 1.4" 36x27 mm SPI and I²C, +3.3V SSD1803A
EA DOGS164-A 4x16/2x16 1.6" 40x33 mm SPI and I²C, +3.3V SSD1803A
EA DOGM081-A 1x8 2.1" 55x31 mm 4/8 bit, SPI, +3.3V..5V ST7036
EA DOGM162-A 2x16 2.1" 55x31 mm 4/8 bit, SPI, +3.3V..5V ST7036
EA DOGM163-A 3x16 2.1 55x31 mm 4/8 bit, SPI, +3.3V..5V ST7036
EA DOGM204-A 4x20 2.7" 66x40 mm 4/8b, SPI, I²C, +3.3V SSD1803A


EA DOG Graphic COG displays with touch-screen option

Partnumber Resolution Size Module size Interface Controller
EA DOGS102-6 102x64  1.7" 18.4x18.1 mm SPI, +3.3V  UC1701
EA DOGM132-5 132x32  2.1" 28,1x9.2 mm SPI, +3.3V  ST7565
EA DOGM128-6 128x64  2.3" 36.9x41.2 mm  SPI, +3.3V  ST7565
EA DOGM240-6 240x64  3.6" 33.8x36.5 mm  SPI and I²C, +3.3V  UC1611s
EA DOGL128-6 128x64  2.8" 62.0x24.0 mm  SPI, +3.3V  ST7565
EA DOGXL160-7 160x104  3.3" 60.5x37.0 mm  SPI and I²C, +3.3V  UC1610
EA DOGXL240-7 240x128  3.9" 88.0x27.8 mm  SPI and I²C, +3.3V  UC1611s


Download DOG display simulator software

Download the free of charge DOG-Simulator and experiment with all combinations of display technology and LED backlight colours. Show the DOG displays on your desktop without any programming or order the EA 9780-4USB test board to power your display. Fit the display into the EA 9780-4USB board, connect power to the USB. The type text or drag and drop a monochrome picture into the DOG-simulator software and the text or picture will be immediately displayed on the DOG display. Demonstrate the display to your team without writing any code. The EA 9780-4USB powers all available alphanumeric and graphic DOG displays. 

  • Free Windows™ DOG simulator software
  • Drag and drop text and pictures 

Link to EA 9780-4USB product and datasheet


DOG display shield for use with Arduino UNO

Connect the EA DOG displays is an Arduino. We have unpopulated Arduino shields with support documentation, circuit diagrams, EAGLE PCB layouts, component placements, initiation sequences and sample programs for operating the DOG displays with an Arduino Uno.

Partnumber Supported display
EA PCBARDDOG7565 For EA DOGM132, DOGM128-6, DOGL128-6


 EA OLED versus LCD displays

EA OLED COG displays

  • High contrast > 1:1000 
  • Wide viewing angle >170°
  • Wide temperature range -40°C to +80°C
  • Fast response time 10uS even at low temperature
  • Life time >50k hours (less at max. temperature)
  • Different colours are available from MOQ of 500
  • 3.3V supply and generate a higher voltage for panel drive 
  • Touch-screen available


link to products and datasheet for Alphanumeric OLED displays

link to products and datasheets for Graphic OLED displays

 EA DOG LCD COG displays

  • High contrast but less than the OLED displays
  • Available as STN reflective/transmissive, FSTN pos/neg
  • Temperature range -20°C to +70°C
  • Very low power when LED backlight switched OFF
  • Long life time >100k hours with Red/Green/Amber backlight
  • Many colours and backlights available, no MOQ
  • Single 3.3V or 5V supply (check display datasheet)
  • Touch-screen available


link to products and datasheet for Alphanumeric LCD COG displays

link to products and datasheets for Graphic LCD COG displays 



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