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MMS Electronics: High-Quality Industrial Displays with Long-Term availability

MMS Electronics supplies high-quality industrial displays designed by DISPLAY VISIONS. These displays are developed specifically for industrial applications and are available with long-term product life.

Bright IPS Color Displays for Superior Image Quality

Our IPS color displays are the perfect replacement for monochrome displays. The EA uniTFTs displays use improved IPS-Panels with AACS technology (All Angle Color Stability). This means that the contrast and colors are retained even at extreme viewing angles. As a result, the displays are ideal for use in medical instruments that require optimum visibility. These IPS displays have a high brightness of typ. 1,000 cd/m² and can be viewed in direct sunlight.  

Flexible Connectivity and Sizes

Our displays are available with a variety of connectivity options, including standard RGB (8-bit, 16-bit or 24-bit) and 4-wire SPI for the smaller sizes. We supply IPS displays from size 0.96" to 10.1".

Touchscreen Options

The displays can be ordered with or without a capacitive optically bonded, multi-gesture PCAP touch panel. This makes them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine control, HMI, and medical devices.

Long-Term Product Availability

We offer long-term product availability for our industrial displays, so you can be confident that you will be able to buy the parts you need when you need them.

Recommended for New Designs

Our IPS TFT graphic displays are highly recommended for use in new designs. They offer superior image quality, brightness, and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Fast to market with our display development tools

Providing developers with evaluation boards for quick and easy testing. MMS Electronics offers dedicated UK based technical support. 


  • All round viewing angle.
  • Stable colour at all viewing angles.
  • High brightness of >1,000 cd/m² 
  • Available with PCAP optically bonded touch.
  • Long term product availability. 
  • UK based technical support 

IPS Colour display with AACS technology - with and without touchpanel

Partnumber Resolution Size

Module size

Touch Controller
EA TFT009-81AINN 80x160 0.96" 13.5x27.9 mm None ST7735S SPI
EA TFT009-91AITC 80x160 0.96" 18.7x31.9 mm PCAP ST7735S SPI
EA TFT015-22AINN 240x240 0.15 32.0x35.0 mm None ST7789V 8/16/18 SPI
EA TFT015-22AITC 240x240 0.15" 44.0x46.0 mm PCAP  ST7789V 8/16/18 SPI
EA TFT020-23AINN 320x240 2.0" 36.0x52.0 mm None ST7789V 8/16/18 SPI
EA TFT020-23AITC 320x240 2.0" 43.0x65.0 mm PCAP  ST7789V 8/16/18 SPI
EA TFT028-23AINN 320x240 2.8" 48.0x68.0 mm None ST7789V 8/16/18 SPI
EA TFT028-23AITC 320x240 2.8" 58.0x84.0 mm PCAP  ST7789V 8/16/18 SPI
EA TFT035-34AINN 480x320 3.5" 54.7x82.9 mm None  HX8357D 8/16/18bit
EA TFT035-34AITC 480x320 3.5" 65.0x100 mm PCAP HX8357D 8/16/18bit
EA R480X-43ALW 480x272 4.3" 105x67.0 mm None  SC7283 24bit
EA TFT043-42BITC 480x272 4.3" 114x84.0 mm PCAP  SC7283 24bit
EA W800X-50AILW 800x480 5.0" 124x78.5 mm None  ST7262 24bit
Add EA TOUCH800-50R1 800x480 5.0" 124x78.5 mm Resist  ST7262 24bit
Add EA TOUCH800-50C2 800x480 5.0" 124x78.5 mm PCAP  ST7262 24bit
EA R1024X-70BLW 1024x600 7.0" 164.9x100 mm None EK79202B1 LVDA
EA R1024X-70BLWTS 1024x600 7.0" 164.9x100 mm PCAP  EK79202B1 LVDA
EA W1280X-101ALW 1280x800 10.1" 235.0x161 mm None  SSD1311

TFT Colour display - with and without touchpanel 

Partnumber Resolution Size

Module size

Touch Controller
EA TFT035-32ANN 320x240 3.5" 76.9x63.9 mm None 24bit
EA TFT035-32ATS 320x240 3.5" 76.9x63.9 mm PCAP 24bit
EA TFT035-32ATP 320x240 3.5" 76.9x63.9 mm Resist 24bit
EA TFT043-42ANN 480x272 4.3" 105.5x67.2 mm None  24bit
EA TFT043-42ATS 480x272 4.3" 105.5x67.2 mm PCAP 24bit
EA TFT043-42ATP 480x272 4.3" 105.5x67.2 mm Resist  24bit
EA TFT050-84ANN 800x480 5.0" 120.7x75.8 mm None 24bit
EA TFT050-84ATS 800x480 5.0" 120.7x75.8 mm PCAP  24bit
EA TFT050-84ATP 800x480 5.0" 120.7x75.8 mm Resist  24bit
EA TFT052-41ANN 480x320 5.2" 140.4x49.9 mm None 24bit
EA TFT052-41ATS 480x272 5.2" 140.4x49.9 mm PCAP  24bit
EA TFT052-41ATP 480x272 5.2" 140.4x49.9 mm Resist 24bit
EA TFT057-32BNN 800x480 5.7" 141.1x101.6 mm None  24bit
EA TFT057-32BTS 800x480 5.7" 141.1x101.6 mm PCAP  24bit
EA TFT057-32BTP 800x480 5.7" 141.1x101.6 mm Resist  24bit
EA TFT070-84ANN 800x480 7.0" 165.0x100 mm None 24bit
EA TFT070-84ATS 800x480 7.0" 165.0x100 mm PCAP  24bit
EA TFT070-84ATP 800x480 7.0" 165.0x100 mm Resist  24bit

TFT Display development tools

EA 9782-1USB TFT Demo board and simulator software

MMS Electronics Ltd provides developers with a demo board to evaluation the small IPS displays from the DISPLAY VISION's product line. The EA 9782-1USB allows for quick and easy testing and adaptation of small TFT panels with size 0.9", 1.5", 2.0", 2.8" and 3.5" including those with PCAP touch function (-AITC).

No specific knowledge of the hardware or software is required. Simply connect the USB cable to the EA 9782-USB evaluation board and the connected IPS display becomes active. Additionally when the EA 9782-1USB evaluation board is connected to a Windows PC and the STARTTFT.exe program is executed (which can be downloaded for free), it opens up more options to display your own images, write text, change orientation and control the brightness.  The evaluation board is available on it's own or can be ordered as a bundle including the IPS colour display.    

  • Free Windows™ TFT simulator software
  • Drag and drop text and pictures 

link to EA 9782-1USB product and datasheet


EA 9980-TFT Interface board for TFT displays

EA 9980-TFT interface board is designed to provide an easy and fast way to connect TFT display fitted with a 50 or 39 pin FPC ribbon cable. The EA 9980-TFT has both a 1.0mm pitch 50 pin ZIF connector and 0.3 mm pitch 39 pin ZIF connector fitted. The ZIF connector contacts are brought out to a 2.54 mm pitch to allow easy connection to breadboards or boards from the Arduino or Rapberry PI world. The board also includes TPS61165, a high brightness White LED driver with brightness control. The LED current is set by 6 solder bridges connected to the onboard resistor. The TPS61165 allows to dimm the LED brightness by PWM control. 

Additionally the EA 9980-TFT interface PCB has a 6 pin and 10 pin ZIF connector fitted to connect a potential touchpanel.   

  • Connecting TFT displays to microcontrollers or single-board computers.
  • Developing embedded systems with TFT displays.
  • Avoid complex soldering of the display connector.

If you are looking for an easy and versatile way to connect TFT displays, the EA 9980-TFT interface board is a great option. It is compatible with a wide range of displays and avoids complex soldering, ideal to start a variety of applications.

For further details see link to EA 9980-TFT 

EA RaPICO009 display shield for Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040)

Display shield EA RaPicoTFT009-TC for use with the Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) has display EA TFT009-81AITC fitted to the PCB shield. The display shield is available with and without the PCAP touch option. EA TFT009-81AITC display resolution is 80x160 pixels. The In-Plane-Switching (IPS) technology widens the viewing angle and the All Angle Colour Stability (AACS) provides unchanged colour and contrasts even with changing viewing angles. The display can be used without loss in quality in portrait (80x160) or landscape mode (160x80). This EA TFT009-81AITC display has long-term availability and is ideal for use in new designs. Integrated with a bright white LED backlight producing 500 cd/m2. 

The EA RaPico009 is supplied with the C library software, numerous functions and detailed documentation to display graphics and text. Designed as a “Shield”, the PCB plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi Pico.

For further details see link to EA RaPICO009 (no touch) and EA RaPICO009-TC (with PCAP) 





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