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EA 9980-TFT Interface board for TFT displays

EA 9980-TFT Interface board for TFT displays

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EA 9980-TFT interface board is designed to provide an easy and fast way to connect TFT display that are fitted with a 50 or 39 pin FPC ribbon cable. The EA 9980-TFT has both a 1.0mm pitch 50 pin ZIF connector and 0.3 mm pitch 39 pin ZIF connector fitted. The ZIF connector contacts are brought out to a 2.54 mm pitch to allow easy connection to breadboards or boards from the Arduino or Rapberry PI world.

The board also includes TPS61165, a high brightness White LED driver with brightness control. The LED current is set by 6 solder bridges connected to the onboard resistor. The TPS61165 allows to dimm the LED brightness by PWM control. 

Additionally the EA 9980-TFT interface PCB has a 6 pin and 10 pin ZIF connector fitted to connect a potential touchpanel.   

  • Connecting TFT displays to microcontrollers or single-board computers.
  • Developing embedded systems with TFT displays.
  • Avoid complex soldering of the display connector.


If you are looking for an easy and versatile way to connect TFT displays, the EA 9980-TFT interface board is a great option. It is compatible with a wide range of displays and avoids complex soldering, ideal to start a variety of applications.

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Click HERE to download the datasheets for this product.

Total Width 60
Total Height 106
Thickness 4.8
Status In production
Interface SPI
24 Bit



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