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The Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Upper Bavaria has congratulated Display Visions GmbH on 45 years in business and presented the Gilching-based company with a certificate.

The company was born as ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY but changed its name recently to DISPLAY VISIONS – a specialist in high-quality industrial displays. With this change of name, its core competence will be emphasised more clearly. DISPLAY VISIONS was praised for its innovative strength and exemplary development on the European market.

For more than twenty years, Display Visions focused on the design and manufacture of intelligent displays, HMI solutions and customer-specific display requirements. The range of products reaches from simple seven-segment displays for measuring instruments to the sophisticated colour displays with touch-panel. With this range, DISPLAY VISIONS caters to a variety of industries, from process automation to machine engineering and medical device technology. DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is now the market leader in Europe in the field of LCD  OLED TFT technology. MMS Electronics is the UK and Ireland authorised distributor for the DISPLAY VISIONS product range. Over the years MMS Electronics established strong relationships with DISPLAY VISIONS and provides product support for the 2,000 plus LCD, OLED and TFT display products. MMS Electronics holds UK stock of most popular displays and development kits. Can supply within one week stock directly from the large DISPLAY VISIONS European warehouse or arrange schedule deliveries as per customer requirements.




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