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MMS Electronics Ltd provides developers with evaluation board EA 9782-1USB for the small IPS displays from the Display Visions EA TFT product line. This board allows for quick and easy testing and adaptation of small TFT panels size 0.9", 1.5", 2.0", 2.8" and 3.5" including those with PCAP touch function (-AITC).

No specific knowledge of the hardware or software is required. Simply power up the USB on the evaluation board and the connected IPS display becomes active. Additionally when the EA 9782-1USB evaluation board is connected to a Windows PC and the startTFT.exe program is executed (which can be downloaded for free), it opens up more options to display your own images, write text, change orientation and control the brightness.  The evaluation board is available on it's own or can be ordered as a bundle including the IPS colour display. 


EA 9782-1TFT009      Evaluation board with 0.96", 80x160 pixel colour IPS display EA TFT009-81AINN

EA 9782-1TFT015TC  Evaluation board with 1.5", 240x240 pixel colour IPS display EA TFT015-22AITC with multi-gesture PCAP touch

EA 9782-1TFT020TC  Evaluation board with 2.0", 320x240 pixel colour IPS display EA TFT020-23AITC with multi-gesture PCAP touch

EA 9782-1TFT028TC  Evaluation board with 2.8", 320x240 pixel colour IPS display EA TFT028-23AITC with multi-gesture PCAP touch

EA 9782-1TFT035TC  Evaluation board with 3.5", 480x320 pixel colour IPS display EA TFT035-34AITC with multi-gesture PCAP touch

EA 9782-1USB  Evaluation board only 

EA 9980-TFT    Breakout board  

Link to download startTFT.exe (from Display Visions). 

Link to EA TFT displays datasheets and web shop.

MMS Electronics Ltd specialises in supplying and distributing high-quality displays and sensor products for industrial and commercial applications. With over 25 years of expertise in this industry, we offer value-added services and strong technical product support. Our in-house experts can help you make the right product choice. Our products have short delivery times and long-term availability. 



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