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MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of DOG alphanumeric and graphic displays. The smallest display is the new 4x10 (line x char) EA DOGS104-A, high-contrast easy-to-read STN and FSTN display. The module size is only 36x27 with a viewing area 33x12mm. With double height character option the display transforms into a 2x10 or 3x10 display. The DOG (Display-On-Glass) is also referred to as COG (Chip-On-Glass) where the control circuit mounts directly on the display glass. This technology is very reliable and reduces overall product cost. The integrated SSD1803A controller offers 3/4-wire SPI and 2-wire I²C interfaces. Selection of 3 fonts: Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European. Supply voltage is +3.3V without the need for a negative voltage. A typical current of only 440µA (with LED backlight off) makes it ideal for battery powered, hand-held applications. 

link to EA DOGS104-A displays and datasheet.

MMS Electronics has available smart high resolution TFT graphic displays with analogue touch-screen and fast ARM processor. Android, Linux and Windows CE operating systems are supported. Available in various display sizes: 3.5” (QVGA), 4.3” (HVGA), 7.0” (WVGA), 8.0” (SVGA) and 10” (WSVGA). The Android operating system enables designers to use a large set of open source tools, application, images and icons. When using Android OS the application software can be built with Java using the free Eclipse IDE or other software that supports the Android OS. Communication and interface to external hardware or sensors are easy connected via the RS-232, RS-485, USB or I2C interface. The built-in MPEG video decoder is responsible for sharp images and flawless video playback. Also line IN, MIC, speaker and SD card connector are supported. The smart displays can be supplied as open frame or with stylish enclosure.  Supply 12V DC. Applications include automation, sensing and data logging, POS, vending machine or gym equipment.



MMS Electronics has available a new range of digital temperature sensors from Smartec BV. The SMT172 is an ultra-low power, fully calibrated, high accuracy digital sensor. Using the most recent advances in silicon temperature sensing technology, the SMT172 has applied sophisticated IC design techniques and high-precision calibration methods, to achieve an absolute inaccuracy of less than 0.25ºC in the range of -10 ºC to 100 ºC. Full temperature range is -45ºC to 130ºC. The sensor operates with a supply voltage from 2.7 to 5.5V. With a typical active current of only 60uA, high speed conversion over 4000 outputs per second (at room temperature) and extremely low noise, makes this the most energy efficient temperature sensor in the world. The SMT172 has a pulse width modulated output signal, where the duty cycle is proportional to the measured temperature. The sensor can connect directly to a Micro-processor without an Analog-to-Digital Converter. The SMT172 replaces the SMT160-30. 

link to SMT172 temperature sensors and datasheet.

Unpopulated Arduino shield for the popular EA DOG displays are now available. The support documentation includes circuit diagrams, EAGLE PCB layouts, component placements, initiation sequences and sample programs for operating the display on an Arduino Uno. Three different size shields are available. There is a display shield for the EA DOGM081-A (1x8), EA DOGM162-A (2x16) and EA DOGM163-A (3x16) with ST7036 controller. The 2nd shield is for EA DOGM132-A (132x32), EA DOGM128-6 and EA DOGL128-6 (128x64) graphic displays with ST7565R controller. The 3rd shield is for the EA DOGS102-6 (102x64) graphic display with UC1701 controller.

Part: EA PCBARDDOG1701 for EA DOGS102-6

Part: EA PCBARDDOG7036 for EA DOGM081, DOGM162, DOGM163

Part: EA PCBARDDOG7565 for EA DOGM128-6, EA DOGL128-6, EA DOGM132-5




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