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MMS Electronics Ltd has available an easy to use programmable TFT voltmeter with snap in bezel. The panel meters have two analogue input channels with input range from 0 to 40V DC, 2 alarm outputs and SPI/I²C port. Versions with 4-20mA inputs and a waterproof model are also available. The free Windows™ software connects to the meter via the USB port. With the software the user can select the meter picture shown on the TFT display, select the background picture, text colour, input scaling, calibration and alarm outputs. It is also possible to select a picture or logo that is shown for a few seconds at power-on. The displays are available in 2.4” (LA SGD-24), 2.8” (LA SGD-28) and 3.5” (LA SGD-35). Applications are voltmeters, battery indication, tank level, temperature and pressure meters just to name a few.


MMS Electronics has available the new EA uniTFT050 display. This 800x480 pixel, 24bit, TFT display was introduced at Electronica 2016. The display uses object programming in combination with the uniTFTDesigner software. Objects can be placed, moved, rotated and deleted at any time. Font sets are stored directly in the display including Chinese characters. Powerful commands for elegant effects such as fading in and out, flying in, loss free rotation are integrated. Images can be embedded and MP3 sound files played. 7 Interfaces to the outside world: USB, 2 x SPI, 2 x RS-232 and 2 x I²C bus. These can be declared as masters to control external devices directly from the EA uniTFT050. Additionally the EA uniTFT050 is packed with 4 analogue inputs, 1 x PWM output and 16 digital I/O (expandable up to 125) to take on a wide range of control tasks. Even an analogue video input for a 3.3V camera (PAL, SeCAM or NTSC format) is included.

The EA uniTFT displays are available without touch-screen or with a PCAP or resistive touch-screen.

link to the EA uniTFTdisplays and datasheets.

MMS Electronics provides a large selection of stylish bezels. We supply the EA 017 and EA 07 series front window bezels for most dot-matrix displays sizes with clear or antiglare windows. The MS BDOGMTXT bezel fits the EA DOGM081, EA DOGM162, EA DOGM163 and EA DOGM132 displays. For the EA eDIP intelligent displays we supply a black metal front panel mount bezels. The latest addition to our bezels is the MS B162_63x15. This snapin bezel has a 63x15mm clear window that fits most 2x16 displays. 

Link to display bezels and datasheets.

MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of DOG alphanumeric and graphic displays. The smallest display is the new 4x10 (line x char) EA DOGS104-A, high-contrast easy-to-read STN and FSTN display. The module size is only 36x27 with a viewing area 33x12mm. With double height character option the display transforms into a 2x10 or 3x10 display. The DOG (Display-On-Glass) is also referred to as COG (Chip-On-Glass) where the control circuit mounts directly on the display glass. This technology is very reliable and reduces overall product cost. The integrated SSD1803A controller offers 3/4-wire SPI and 2-wire I²C interfaces. Selection of 3 fonts: Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European. Supply voltage is +3.3V without the need for a negative voltage. A typical current of only 440µA (with LED backlight off) makes it ideal for battery powered, hand-held applications. 

link to EA DOGS104-A displays and datasheet.



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