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MMS-e has agreed a distributor agreement with Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S.L. based in Barcelona. New products introduced are a series of Universal Sensors and Transducers interfaces (USTI) and Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converters (UFDC-1) with serial, RS232, SPI and I2C interface. The UFDC-1 can be used for any frequency, period, duty-cycle, pulse-modulated, time interval, phase-shift and pulse number, rpm measurement. The USTI Transducers are suitable for any physical, chemical, electrical or non-electrical sensors.  In addition, the IC can be used for direct interfacing and accurate measurement of capacitive, resistive and resistive bridge sensing elements. Working in the frequency domain simplifies design and circumvents a number of technical and technological problems. For example some advantages of using frequency are: high noise immunity, wide dynamic range, high reference accuracy and simple interfacing.

MMS Electronics now available EA eDIP128B-6LW and EA eDIP128W-6LW. These small intelligent displays have built-in graphic power previously only found in the larger EA eDIP intelligent displays. The new EA eDIP128-6LW displays have a resolution of 128x64 or 64x128 pixel and outline of 70x54mm. The displays with optional touch, have an integrated touch-screen driver that is available on the same display interface. Wide power supply voltage +3.3V to +5V. The EA eDIP displays can be controlled by sending commands from a processor or macro commands can be stored onboard the display memory. A black alu panel mount bezel is available to securely mount the display.


MMS Electronics added a new addition to the compact DIP displays manufactured by Electronic Assembly Gmbh.The blue STN module is 102 x 27 x 11 mm making it perfect for use into an open 3½’’ drive bay of a PC, dedicated server or 1U high rack appliance. The EA DIP180B-5NLW has a resolution of 180 x 32 pixels with an active viewing area of 88 x 19 mm. A standard SED1520/PT6520 controller, internal temperature compensation and LED backlight are built-in. Operating temperature of –20 to 70º C are standard. Replacing the usual trough-hole connector and PCB of standard displays with a ready assembled header has created the optimum use of space for these displays. Other sizes available in the compact DIP series are 1x8, 2x8, 2x16, 4x20 character displays and 122x32, 128x64 240x128 graphic display. Displays supplied by Electronic Assembly have long product availability and save to use in new projects.


MMS Electronics Ltd (MMS-e) enjoyed lots of interest at the MTEC show February 2005 at the NEC Birmingham. MMS Electronics showed the full range of Smartec sensors and acquisition boards. The full range of  EA display modules: serial displays with RS232, compact DIP,  intelligent graphics eDIP displays, low voltage +3V chip-on-glass DOG and the graphic touch screen KITs with RS232. Also on show was the extensive range of 8051 based C and Basic programmable control boards for instrumentation and automation application.



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