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Our display supplier Electronic Assemby Gmbh (Display Visions) introduced a new intelligent graphic OLED display with PCAP touch, USB port, SPI and I²C interface. Two screen sizes are available. EA PLUGL128-6 2.9” diagonal 128x64 and EA PLUGS102-6 1.7” diagonal 102x64. The display is easily programmed with powerful graphic commands and integrated character set. New fonts are easily imported with the free development software. Fonts can be scaled, rotated and accurately positioned. Fonts, images, animations and macros programs are saved on-board the display memory. Display can be used in landscape or portrait mode. 8 digital I/O, 1 analogue output and 2 analogue inputs are available for the application.

link to EA PLUGS102-6 and EA PLUGL128-6

Our supplier Electronic Assemby Gmbh / Display Visions has more then 150 displays on show at Electronica 2018. This year Electronic Assembly is located in Hall B4-300. To meet up with MMS Electronics at the Electronic Assembly Gmbh booth contact Marc Arijs and arrange a suitable time. We look forward to show you these new display products.

At the Engineering Design Show EDS show MMS Electronics is showing: new intelligent programmable TFT displays with serial, I²C, SPI and USB interface; COG alphanumeric, graphic LCD and OLED displays; Touch-screens; Bezels; LED backlights; ePAPER and smart TFT displays with Android or Linux OS. Sensor products including the new Smartec SMT172 digital temperature sensors, Smartec pressure and infrared sensors. High accuracy frequency to digital transducers. A wet bulb humidity measurement, UTI micrometer and PT100 temperature measurement application will be shown on our stand G32.

MMS Electronics has a solution for temperature or humidity measurement of goods that are travelling. Simply ship with the goods the LA EL-CC or LA EL-PDF module with your shipment. Once activated the temperature or humidity measurements are time and date stamped and logged. When the goods arrive with the receiver simply plug the device into a USB port and check what happened to the product while travelling. Waterproof plastic bags are available so the logger tag can be re-used. The tags are pre-programmed to suit chilled, frozen or ripening food goods. Also loggers for ambient pharma, blood and platelets products are available. Loggers are supplied in packs of 10.



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