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Displays with a PCAP capacitive touch-screens are now available. The part number is EA eDIPTFT43-ATC (4.3") and the EA eDIPTFT70-ATC (7.0") intelligent graphic display. The EA eDIP intelligent displays can be supplied with the traditional resistive touch-screen or a PCAP capacitive touch panel. The capacitive touch-screen version is brighter and higher contrast then the resistive version. The displays with PCAP touch panel displays have an elegant black surround bezel.


The intelligent EA eDIPTFT43-A TFT graphic display with capacitive touch panel and elegant black surround can be used with or without gloves. . The display with 6H surface hardness is absolutely scratch-proof and is designed for day-to-day use in harsh industrial environments. Multi-touch is detected but does not result in operating errors. The EA eDIPTFT43-A has a diagonal screen size of 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) with resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and a 16-bit color depth supports up to 65,536 colors. LED backlighting ensures bright, high-contrast images.

The display can be used in horizontal (480x272) or vertical view (272x480). The orientation is software selectable. Simple commands offer an abundance of clever graphics functions for displaying bargraphs, frames, switches, analogue rotary and pointer instruments. Eight predefined fonts are provided and other TrueType fonts can be imported. The onboard 4MB memory stores images, animations and macros. Text can be mixed with graphics, pictures and gif animations. The display features 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs and 2 analogue inputs. Interface is serial, SPI or I2C.  An evaluation kit EA EVALeDIPTFT43-ATC is available for effortless development.

link to EA eDIPTFT displays and datasheets.

MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays for use in industrial and commercial applications. The latest addition to the popular DOG display family is the new 240x128 pixel EA DOGXL240-7. The module size is 94x67 mm with view area of 90x47 mm 3.9”. A display this size can show easily 6x40 (lines x characters) or 8x20 (lines x large characters).The EA DOGXL240-7 has a low current consumption of 900 µA (without use of the LED backlight) the display could be battery powered making it ideal for handheld applications. Displays with white background FSTN technology are readable without backlight. Four display technologies (STN and FSTN) and three different LED backlights (White, amber and a dual green/red) are available. The dual backlight option is ideal for applications where a green (normal) or red (warning) status indication is required. This display and the backlight combination offers up to eight designs to choose from. The DOG-simulator software is available for download and to experiment with all possible combinations on your desktop. The EA DOGXL240-7 is fitted with UC1611S display controller, graphics RAM and SPI / I²C interface. Contrast setting on this display is software adjustable.  Temperature range -20°C to +70°C. 

Link to EA DOGXL240-7 displays and datasheets

MMS Electronics has available a 2.0” ePAPER display 172x72 pixel with SPI interface. The ePAPER display offers high contrast, wide viewing angle and zero power readable. The ePA20-A is only 1.18mm thick.  The display includes the SSD1601 controller with SPI interface. Single 3V supply voltage is only required while writing to the display. When power is removed the display is still readable.   The EA ePA20-A display is available from MMS-e stock. To quickly evaluate the EA ePAPER technology there is an intelligent eLABEL version with SPI, I2C and serial interface available. The EA eLABEL20-A includes 8 built-in fonts, rotation 172x72 or 72x172 under software control, on-board EEROM to store up to 256 macro programs and bitmaps. The EA eLABEL20 has a coin cell to rewrite the display and then return to zero down mode while still displaying the screen content. For quick development the eLABEL20-A can be programmed with the EA 9780-3USB test board. Without any programming skills pictures are loaded and displayed on the eLABEL display. 




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