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MMS Electronics Ltd has a series of high brightness IPS TFT displays available from Display Visions. These colour displays are the perfect replacement for monochrome displays. The displays are very impressive with the IPS (In-Plane-switching) technology, stable contrast and all-round viewing angles. Additionally most display have a maximum brightness of 1,000 cd/m² and can be viewed in direct sunlight. As a result, these screens are ideal for use in outdoor equipment and in medical instruments that require optimum visibility. The service life of the IPS TFT displays is 50,000 hours within the temperature range of -20°C to + 70°C. As well as the standard RGB connection (8-bit or 16-bit), some of the smaller displays have a 4-wire SPI interface and are compatible with standard microcontrollers. For SMD assembly MMS Electronics has the required ZIF connectors connectors available. 

What is an IPS-TFT display? In-Plane switching is a technology that improves the viewing limitations of conventional TFT displays. In IPS TFT displays the light conducting liquid crystals are aligned parallel to the image plane. This means that colours and contrast remain brilliant and stable even when the viewing angle changes. These IPS TFT graphic displays have long term product availability and are highly recommended for use in new designs.

MMS Electronics has the IPS TFT displays available in the following sizes: 0.96", 2.0", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0" and 10.1". The displays are available without or with a capacitive, multi-gesture PCAP touch panel.

EA TFT009-81AINN and EA TFT009-81AITC  0.96  80x160  pixel                      EA W800X-50AILW    5.0"  800x48 pixel with mounting frame

EA TFT020‑23AINN and EA TFT020-23AITC  2.0"  320x240 pixel                      EA R1024X-70BLW and EA R1024X-70BLWTS  7.0"  1024x600 pixel

EA TFT028‑23AINN and EA TFT028-23AITC  2.8"  320x240 pixel                      EA W1280X-101ALW  10.1" 1024x800 pixel

EA TFT035‑34AINN and EA TFT035-34AITC  3.5"  480x320 pixel

EA TFT043‑42BITC  4.3"  480x272 pixel

link to EA TFT displays datasheets and web shop.



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