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1.7" Intelligent Graphic OLED Display with PCAP touch-screen, USB,  I?C and  SPI Interface

1.7" Intelligent Graphic OLED Display with PCAP touch-screen, USB, I?C and SPI Interface

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USB-Graphic-OLED display with yellow dots, 102x64 resolution and PCAP touchpanel. USB, serial RS-232, SPI and I²C interface. 8 Digital I/O, 2 Analogue Inputs, 1 Analogue Output and 1 PWM output. The displays are easily programmed with powerful graphic commands and integrated character set. New fonts are imported with the free LCD-Tools development software. Fonts can be scaled, rotated and accurately positioned. Fonts, images, animations and macros programs are saved on-board the display memory. Wide Temperature range from -40 up to +80°C and ultra-fast display (typ. 10µs even at -40°C). Wide viewing angle of about 170°. The display can be used in landscape or portrait mode. The glass panel is supplied with a double sided glue strip for secure and easy fastening to the enclosure panel. The -6GTCZ models are fitted with a 12 screw terminal for easy connection of sensors and switches to the I/O and a 20-pin IDC connector for ribbon cable connection.

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Total Width 55
Total Height 54
View area width 36
View area height 25
Status In Production
Interface SPI
Background Colour Black
Current Backlight Off (mA) 25
Current Backlight On (mA) 137
View Angle no restriction
Display Technology OLED
Pixel Size Y 0.35
Pixel Size X 0.33
Operating Temperature -40 ... +80 °C
Controller EA
Fonts 8
Diagonal Size 1.7
Touchscreen Yes
Touch Type PCAP
Analogue Outputs 1
Pixel X 102
Pixel Y 64
Analogue Inputs 2
Inputs/Outputs 8

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