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UFDC-1 Sensor to Digital Transducer serial, SPI and I2C Interface (PDIL)

UFDC-1 Sensor to Digital Transducer serial, SPI and I2C Interface (PDIL)

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This Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1) is a fully digital CMOS integrated circuit for use with any sensor or transducer with a frequency, period, duty-cycle, interval, PWM , phase shift or pulse number output. The UFDC-1 is perfectly suited to any applications where frequency-time parameters or sensors output signals need to be measured with highest resolution and programmable accuracy. Non-redundant conversion time. The design is based on novel advanced methods for frequency, period, duty-cycle and phase-shift measurements. By using this IC it is possible to build a variety of digital frequency or counter instruments, smart sensors and intelligent sensor systems. 

The UFDC-1 can easily integrate into digital environments with a minimum of external components. The UFDC-1 can be controlled by an external microprocessor (slave mode) or work independently without an external controller (master mode). The modes's can be configured in both software and hardware. 
There are four variant ICs: UFDC-1, UFDC-1M-16, USTI and USTI-EXT .  The UFDC-1M-16 has a 32 times increased conversion speed over the UFDC-1.

• 2 channels for frequency (time) to digital conversion.
• 16 Measuring modes.
• 1 Frequency generating mode 8Mhz.
• RS232, RS485, SPI (3-wire) and I2C Interface.
• Measuring modes, relative error and accuracy programmable.
• Programmable accuracy (relative error) for frequency (period) conversion from 1 % to 0.001%.
• Scalable resolution.
• UFDC-1 Frequency range 0.05 Hz to 7.5 MHz (120 MHz with pre-scaling).
• UFDC-1 Conversion time 0.0002s to 0.2 sec.
• UFDC-1 Internal 500 kHz (0.5 MHz) with a 16MHz quartz oscillator.
• Master and slave mode.
• Available as PDIP, TQFP, MLF and DIE packages.

Speed up development and start with the EVAL-UFDC1 evaluation board with RS232 interface.

On GitHub there is a library that shows how to use the UFDC-1 with a Raspberry Pi 3 Interface (SPI). Link to library page.

Applications: Physical, chemical and biosensors, smart sensors, virtual instruments, capacitive sensing, frequency, rpm speed measurement

Click HERE and HERE to download the datasheets for this product.

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