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Capacitive humidity sensor, SMTHS08A

Capacitive humidity sensor, SMTHS08A

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The Smartec SMT HS08A capacitive humidity sensor is based on silicon technology on glass wafer. By using this process it is possible to make sensors on a high volume scale on a low cost way. This humidity sensor consists of three layers. The base and top layer are conductive and the layer in between is humidity sensitive polymide. The selection of this sensitive interface makes the sensor highly independent to temperature effects. The top layer has a grid like structure. The SMT HS08A sensor converts humidity into a capacitance. Due to the construction the response to humidity is very fast.

* Measures from 0 to 100% RH
* Linear within a band of 2% in between 20 and 95% RH
* Very fast < 15 sec with low hysteresis <2% RH
* Small size: 4.5 x 4 mm
* Application; Medical, humidifiers, HVAC, Weather stations

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Status In production
Output Type analogue
Temperature Min -40°C
Temperature Max +120°C
Case SIL
No. of pins 2
Voltage supply: Min 2.7
Voltage supply: Max 5.5
Capacitance Min 170pF
Capacitance Max 190pF

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