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Smartec UTI Sensor to Digital Evaluation board, USB

Smartec UTI Sensor to Digital Evaluation board, USB

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The Smartec SMT TOOLKIT is an evaluation board to speedup sensor design with the Universal Transducer Interface (UTI). The UTI is a complete analog front end for low frequency measurement applications, based on a period-modulated oscillator. Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics. Only a single reference component, of the same kind as the sensor is required. The UTI outputs a microcontroller compatible period-modulated signal. The transducer can measure very accurately capacitance, platinum resistors, thermistors and resistive bridges. The SMT TOOLKIT connects via USB to PC software. The measured results from the UTI are displayed on the PC or laptop. Mode selection can be changed from the software.

* Full sensor solution on a chip
* Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics
* Single supply voltage 2.9V to 5.5V, 2.5mA supply. Power taken from the USB port
* Continues auto calibration of offset and gain
* Typical measurement time 10mS or 100mS
* Capacitive sensors modes: 0 to2pF, 0 to 12pF and <300pF
* Platinum resistors Pt100, Pt1000
* Resistive bridges 250 Ohm to 10kOhm with maximum imbalance ±4% or ±0.25%
* 2,3 or 4 wire measurement modes for resistive measurements
* AC excitation voltage for all sensor elements
* Suppression for interference of 50Hz and 60Hz
* Applications: Capacittive level sensing and distance sensing, position and angle sensing, Wheatstone bridge setup for pressure, force, platinum, NTC...

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Status In production
Interface USB
Accuracy 14 bits
Temperature Min -40°C
Temperature Max +85°C
Case PCB
No. of pins not defined
Voltage supply: Min not defined
Voltage supply: Max not defined
Modes 16
Channels 1
Capacitance Min 0pF
Capacitance Max 300pF
Resistance Min 0
Resistance Max 50kΩ



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