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Infrared temperature module I2C, SMTIRMOD09micro

Infrared temperature module I2C, SMTIRMOD09micro

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The Smartec SMT IRMOD09micro temperature modules are specially designed for applications where high accuracy non contact temperature measurements are required. The sensors are factory calibrated with I²C digital interface and output a Celcius temperature value. Both the object temperature and ambient temperature are made available with a 0.01ºC resolutions and 0.5% accuracy. 0.55 ºC between 16 ºC and 36 ºC. The SMTIRMOD09micro has a field of view of 120º and calibrated for 0 to 50º C. Models with different field of view available. Supply voltage from 2.2 to 3.3VDc. Module size : 15.6 x 8.5 mm. When using the SMT AS02I2C3 I²C to USB converter with the SMT IRMOD09micro no additional power supply is required. Convenient when interfacing the modules to a PC or laptop.

* Overall accuracy 0.55ºC in the temperature range of 16ºC to 36ºC. (SMT IRMOD09micro)
* Overall accuracy 2.0ºC in the temperature range of 0ºC to 16ºC and 36ºC to 50ºC.
* High pass IR filter (>5.5µm)
* 2.2 to 3.3V DC
* Field of view 120º
* Module size: 15.6 x 8.5mm
* I2C Interface

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Status In production
Interface I2C
Output Type I2C
Temperature Min -45°C
Temperature Max +130°C
Case PCB
No. of pins 4
Voltage supply: Min 2.2
Voltage supply: Max 3.3

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