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4x10 , 2x10 Character Display EA DOGS104B-A

4x10 , 2x10 Character Display EA DOGS104B-A

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DOG series character display with 4x10 (4 lines x 10 chars) of 2.6mm. Can be changed by software to 2x10 with double height of 4.5mm or also 2 lines with small font and 1 line with large font size. Extremely thin 2.0mm (display only) or 4.7mm when used with LED backlight. COG display in STN neg transmissive blue. 3.3 V single supply.  The display be can soldered directly into the PCB or plugged into a connector with 2.54 mm pitch EA FL-10P. The display has a SD1803A controller SPI and I²C interface. 3 different character sets are included (English-Japanese, Cyrillic and European).

With this display the LED backlight needs to be on to read the information. 

Possible backlights for use with the EA DOGS104B-A display are EA LED36x28-A (Amber), EA LED36x28-GR (Dual Green/Red) and EA LED36x28-ERW (Red/Green/White). The picture shows the EA DOGS104B-A display with the EA LED36x28-W White backlight. 

LED backlights need to be ordered separately. Click HERE for the EA LED36x28 backlights.

Download the free of charge DOG-Simulator and experiment with all combinations of display technology and LED backlight colours. Show the DOG displays on your desktop without any programming or order the EA 9780-4USB test board to power your display.

Click HERE for more details on the DOG-simulator. 

Click here and here to download the datasheets for this product.

Total Width 36
Total Height 27.5
View area width 33
View area height 12.1
Thickness 2
Status In production
Interface SPI
Backlight Colour not defined
Voltage Supply 3.3V
Char X Line 10
Char Height 2.6
Background Colour blue
Current Backlight Off (mA) 0.3
View Angle 6:00 / bottom view
Display Technology STN blue
Pixel Size Y 0.31
Pixel Size X 0.49
Operating Temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Controller SSD1803A
Active 1
Fonts 3

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