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4x10 , 2x10 Character Display EA DOGS104W-A

4x10 , 2x10 Character Display EA DOGS104W-A

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DOG series character display with 4x10 (4 lines x 10 chars) of 2.6mm. Can be changed by software to 2x10 with double height of 4.5mm or also 2 lines with small font and 1 line with large font size. Extremely thin 2.0mm (display only) or 4.7mm when used with LED backlight. COG display in FSTN white background pos transflective. 3.3 V single supply.  The display be can soldered directly into the PCB or plugged into a connector with 2.54 mm pitch EA FL-10P. The display has a SD1803A controller SPI and I²C interface. 3 different character sets are included (English-Japanese, Cyrillic and European).

This display is readable with backlight on or off, making it ideal for low power applications.

Possible backlights for use with the EA DOGS104W-A display are EA LED36x28-A (Amber), EA LED36x28-GR (Dual Green/Red) and EA LED36x28-ERW (Red/Green/White). The picture shows the EA DOGS104W-A display with the EA LED36x28-GR Green backlight. 

LED backlights need to be ordered separately. Click HERE for the EA LED36x28 backlights.

Download the free of charge DOG-Simulator and experiment with all combinations of display technology and LED backlight colours. Show the DOG displays on your desktop without any programming or order the EA 9780-4USB test board to power your display.

Click HERE for more details on the DOG-simulator. 

Click here and here to download the datasheets for this product.

Click here and here to download the datasheets for this product.

Total Width 36
Total Height 27.5
View area width 33
View area height 12.1
Thickness 2
Status In production
Interface SPI
Backlight Colour not defined
Voltage Supply 3.3V
Char X Line 10
Char Height 2.6
Background Colour white
Current Backlight Off (mA) 0.3
View Angle 6:00 / bottom view
Display Technology FSTN
Pixel Size Y 0.31
Pixel Size X 0.49
Operating Temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Controller SSD1803A
Active 1
Fonts 3

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