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Infrared development board, SMTIRIN06

Infrared development board, SMTIRIN06

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The Smartec SMTIRIN06 interface board is designed use with the Smartec SMTIR9902 infrared sensor but can also be used with other infrared sensors. The Smartec SMTIR9902 infrared sensor makes non contact temperature measurements of distant objects. The net captured infrared radiation heats up the black top of the internal thermopile (stacked thermocouples) with respect to the sensor housing. This creates a temperature difference between the respective junctions of the thermopile, which results in a DC voltage over the connecting wires (in the micro- to millivolt range). If a Smartec digital temperature sensor SMT160-30 is in contact with the remote body and the sensor is connected to its corresponding input on the SMTIRIN06 board, this sensor can be used to measure the temperature of that body in a non contact less way. The results can not only be used to verify the IR temperature measurements, but also to calibrate the system when measuring objects of which the emission factor is not known. The output of the AD converters (Infrared sensor output and the built-in Ni temperature sensor) and the digital sensor temperature are transmitted to the RS2323 and USB port for analysing on a PC or laptop.

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Status In production
Output Type USB
Temperature Min -45°C
Temperature Max +130°C
Case PCB
No. of pins not defined
Voltage supply: Min not defined
Voltage supply: Max not defined

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